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Aphelia is an AI-based resume parser API that can seamlessly integrate with your recruitment application.

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About Aphelia

Resume sorting is one of the first and crucial parts of candidate evaluation in the recruitment process. According Glassdoor, on average each high scale corporate job offer attracts nearly 250 resumes. Within that 250 candidates, only 6-7 candidates get called for an interview. We know that analyzing and evaluating through these massive heaps resumes can immensely reduce the productivity and efficiency of your recruitment team.

Aphelia’s accurate and intelligent resume parsing can help your company to focus on evaluating and selecting the ideal candidate , while we focus on the nitty-gritty part of data extraction.Aphelia output’s the extracted attributes from a resume in a machine readable JSON format so that you can integrate your current HRM or Applicant Tracking system with Aphelia seamlessly.

Aphelia's context based learning

As Aphelia’s core extraction componenents are powered by deep learning algorithms , unlike ruled based extraction systems , Aphelia can understand the context of the text when extracting information from resumes (just like a human recruiter would do!)

The three key principles of Aphelia are :
  • Seamless Integration
  • Intelligent Parsing
  • Pinpoint Parsing Accuracy

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$49 / month

  • Limited to 10,000 resumes
  • Unlimited users within a company
  • Regional support


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